Custom fedora & hat blocking techniques 2 days workshop

Custom fedora & hat blocking techniques 2 days workshop

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**"2-Day Hat Making Classes"**

Embark on an intimate hat-making journey over two days, where you will delve into the magic of different materials, master hat blocking techniques, and craft your unique hat with expert guidance. With a maximum of 4 participants for personalized attention, this workshop offers a deeper exploration into the art of hat making. Price: $795 per person. Ideal for those interested in exploring the business side of hat making.

**Class Details:**
- Class Duration: 2 days
  - Day 1: Starts at 11:30 am, lasts 3-4 hours
  - Day 2: Starts at 11:30 am, lasts about 4-5 hours

**What You'll Learn:**
- Discover the magic of different materials and felts
- Master the use of tools and hat blocking techniques
- Progress through stages to create your own unique hat, with expert guidance

Location: Brooklyn
Price: $795 per person

Class Size: Maximum of 4 people for personalized attention

Private Classes Available:
- Tailored for individuals or private groups
- Contact us for more information and to schedule a specific time

Limited Availability: Reserve your spot now!

Let us know if you're ready to dive into the world of hat making!
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