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Mad hatter starting kit , hat making tools

Mad hatter starting kit , hat making tools

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Here's an improved version for your Etsy listing:

Elevate your hat-making skills with this essential set designed for creating bespoke, one-of-a-kind hats. This set includes:

- Flat brim plate
- Rounding jack for precise brim cutting
- Blocking kit
- Standing legs for added support
- Classic open crown (select your size before checkout)
- Hat block stand
- Rotating spinning plate

For special requests on heights and specific size modifications please contact us directly

Looking to dive into the world of hat making with our customizable hat blocks? Our blocks are expertly crafted from linden wood or European poplar, offering a soft and milliner-friendly surface for your creations. . Each block is coated with waterproof polyurethane lacquer for added protection

With three holes at the bottom, our blocks are designed for easy mounting and handling, with additional finger grip holes for added convenience. Need advice or support on millinery and hat blocks? Reach out to us at for personalized assistance.

Place your individual orders and let your creativity shine! We welcome custom orders based on your unique ideas, sketches, or photos. Our order schedule typically takes 3/4 weeks, with the option for rush orders if needed. Please note that actual products may vary slightly in texture and color from the photos.

Explore our variations, including tippers for shaping, workshop or display stands for showcasing your creations, etc etc . Elevate your hat making experience with our customizable hat blocks - contact us today to bring your vision to life

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